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    Hello All,
    I completed my master's in pharmaceutical sciences. i Defended my thesis in december. My advisor got some issues and didn't accept my thesis. I was in a positon of not getting my degree. I tranferred to another UNIV and transferred my sevis. After the holidays i consulted my thesis committe members and my advisor. They reconsidered my work and passed me, now i got my degree and can apply for OPT. Unfortunately the new university activated my sevis record. On my request they transferred back my sevis to my old UNIV. My DSO was telling, the sevis record has to be started again and they will generate a new i20. The sevis has to be active for atleast 12 months to get OPT. She was telling me to include a letter along with my OPT application to USCIS. Iam confused whether to include a letter or not. If yes, then what to write in it. How can i write in the letter that the committe intailly failed me and i transfferd out and they passed me i came back and applying for OPT. Iam worrying whether it gona help me or causing some more problems as iam mentioning myself something negative in the letter. Any suggestions or ideas would be really helpful. I didn't have much time to deal with this.


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        First of all cannot give 100 % gurantee on the approval of OPT since you transfered and the transfer in school has accepted you.if you wont put the letter then by default it will be rejected since they have a record that you have transfered to a different univ


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          Talk to immigration attorney, your future is worth more than 200$.
          Make sure you apply on time for OPT. You might get RFE, attorney will be helpful in that case.