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  • Travelling Canada on OPT

    Hey Hi all, I am planning to travel canada from this January 2015 - Feb 8th 2015. I have completed my masters on may 2015. My OPT start date was from june 15th, i got placed immediately and i started my new project on June 29th, 2015. It's being like 6months from then am working. My project is about to end by december end. So i want to travel canada for a month. Is it highly risky for me to travel at this point of time. I have few questions on this and would really appreciate the answers.

    I have my valid F-1 visa, EAD card valid until June 2016, Emploer letter, Paystubs till December. I-20 signed with travel period of 6 months.

    1) Can i go canada ., and while returning back can i tell immigration that am still on my project, and for proof i can show them my pay stubs. Stating that am on job now but was working remotely for this month. Will this Work Fine?

    2) Or shall i tell them that ., i finished my 1st project and now am travelling back for a new job position. And my start date is from Feb 10th,2015?

    3) If case-2, shall i carry any extra documentation from my consultancy people ? or else i have a full time letter issued by my consultancy at the beginning., so is that fine?

    Please help Me,., And thank you

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        It should be ok. Have all your documents and just say you are actively working on the same project, if asked.


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          thank you smile emoticon will do the same


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            No its not risky at all . Alot of my friends go after a few months


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              As long as you have a valid visa and an i20 with travel signature you should be fine


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                I had a similar situation when I travelled canada on OPT. While entering canada on road from Newyork, border security authorities stopped me and asked me all the documents i20, visa, opt card, pay stubs. I handed them everything but on our opt-card there will be like"not valid to enter us". They pointed out that and questioned me that I may face problem while coming back, but I explained how immigration works here in USA. So after 2hours of their process they allowed me to enter Canada. While returning I haven't faced any issues.


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                  Tell them that you are still working and also carry employer letter.