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Job start date is beyond 90 days of OPT start date

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  • Job start date is beyond 90 days of OPT start date

    Hi,My fiancee has a job offer but the employers are only able to give her a start date after August 1, while her OPT start date is May 1. She is in the biomedical research field (PhD in biochemisty, molecular biology and microbiology). I am wondering what she could possibly do in the interim, since short-term jobs are very limited in her field. Is there some way she can be a consultant? Since that is considered a valid employment by USCIS?
    Please advise me if possible at the earliest.

    This was posted on on May 23rd 2013
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    I agree with maninder. I would suggest she volunteer under her PhD advisor or some faculty member in her research area in the interim. Even if it is unpaid, it will still be valid and she can save on that 90 days unemployment period. Moreover, if she goes for STEM extension later, she can show she was always working.


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      Work/Volunteer under your Adviser. It is also considered valid under OPT.


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        90 days opt is only for getting a job. If she has a job offer opt is for one year.


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          august 1 is fine because it won't exceed the 90 days unemployment grace period given by uscis.


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            90 days grace period is for people still looking for jobs... if you have an offer you are free to stay.......