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As per USCIS Rules-Will my STEM OPT get approved?

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  • As per USCIS Rules-Will my STEM OPT get approved?

    Hi guys, I am pursuing M.s in electrical engineering I recently got an intern as a software engineer position. Iam wondering whether my STEM opt will get approved or not if I continue with them for full time position. Because USCIS clearly says the job should be related to field of studies, I have took one data communication network course kind of related to my job. Do I face any pendings on h1b approvals in future? please suggest me guys... Thanks to DesiOPT

    This was posted on on May 21st 2013

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    Usually it won't be a problem, because u might have covered all the related field courses in your bachelors. So, it won't be a problem. Even, if they questions you, u can say , I got this internship as I have this related field of study. ..

    Hope this answers ur question buddy


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      I think that doesnt matter as they all fall under engineering....


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        similar situation here. my application is still in initial review