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Options after STEM Extention denial

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  • Options after STEM Extention denial

    Hello every one,

    My OPT Started from Feb 1st 2015 and it will end by this Feb 1st 2016. I will be applying for STEM Extension by 2015 Mid-November. But, I am not sure I will be getting STEM extension. Reason being, I have a masters in Engineering degree and I am working for a e-verified consultancy as a consultant in IT field. Apart from that, I am paid like once every 3 months, even though I am on monthly pay. So, my pay stubs are generated irregularly. So, assuming if I get RFE for employers history, I am not sure USCIS will be satisfied with my proofs.

    So, In case my STEM extension gets denied. I would like to know my options after that. Please share u r views about options after STEM denial.

    Also, after reading all the posts in the site, I have few questions:

    1. If I get extension denial reply by Feb and with 60 days grays period which will be April 15, can my employer file for H1B in April 2016 round? and will the rejection of STEM effect my H1 chances?

    2. If I join a college which gives cpt from day 1 and start working, Can my employer apply for H1 in 2017 rounf? and If I get picked, can I discontinue the college, CPT and start with my full time job on H1?

    3. If I join a college and concentrate on my studies with out CPT, can a employer sponsor my H1 in 2017 while I am in F1 and if I get picked, can I discontinue my college studies and join the job?

    Please, give u r valuable replies. Thank you in advance.

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        1) even your employer apply h1 you have to leave the country and come back on oct 1 since h1 starts from oct you are not covered under cap gap 2) yes you can do but starting from oct 1 you have to discontinue 3)yes but again from oct 1