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Second STEM OPT with New OPT 24 month rule

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  • Second STEM OPT with New OPT 24 month rule

    I am little bit confused with the following paragraph from the following link :

    [B]Additional STEM Degrees[/B]

    The proposed rule would allow F-1 students who have already used a first grant of STEM OPT work authorization to enroll in another STEM-eligible academic program and apply for an additional 24-month STEM OPT extension.

    Does this means that those who have already consumed STEM OPT after their first masters can again apply for OPT and the then STEM Extension for 24 months?

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      Please note that source of this article is from

      Our understanding is that it needs to be at a advanced degree level.

      For more details read OPT STEM Proposed Rule

      F. Previously Obtained STEM Degrees
      Commenters to the 2008 IFR inquired about eligibility for a STEM OPT
      extension in instances where a student earns a bachelor’s degree in a STEM field but a
      master’s degree in a non-STEM field, or two degrees at the same education level, one of
      which is in a STEM field. Since the 2008 IFR, DHS has found that some F-1 students
      approved for OPT in STEM-related fields remain unable to extend their OPT, even if
      they have a prior STEM degree. This is because the regulations have effectively required
      that the OPT be directly related to the student’s most recent major area of study and that
      the DSO certify that the student’s degree that is the basis for his or her current period of
      OPT is a degree contained on the current STEM Designated Degree Program list. See 8
      CFR 214.2(f)(10)(ii)(A) and (f)(11)(ii)(A). This limitation decreases the number of F-1
      students with STEM degrees and STEM-related expertise available to participate in a
      STEM OPT extension.
      Stakeholders, including the academic community and the HSAAC, have
      requested the elimination of this restriction, such that a STEM OPT extension would be
      available to a student with a prior qualifying STEM degree, even if the student’s most
      recent degree would not qualify. Stakeholders assert that such a modification would
      broaden the educational and training benefits of the STEM OPT extension to additional
      students with STEM backgrounds and would further benefit the U.S. economy by
      enhancing our nation’s ability to compete and innovate in these fields