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On OPT Extension- Got RFE Query, Complicated situation

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  • On OPT Extension- Got RFE Query, Complicated situation

    I am on OPT extension right now. My 29 months going to end in june 2013.. I have applied for H1b.. I have got the RFE.. My RFE says that as i am from Mechancial major and working as a Quality Analysts Engineer. USCIS wants to know how I moved.. any one have any idea... how can i prove them... plus my educatioon evalution didnt help me.. this is so complecated situation.. any suggestion...

    This was posted on on May 20th 2013

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    Hi...There is one website .You can register and become a member of QAGroup.You can get certificate from them.It's official website for all QA ppl who work all around the world. Also ask your employer to provide a letter which have clearly mention that thier company has given official training...There is no such kind of rule that you have to stick to just 1 career. You can change your job and career any time in the USA. Don't worry about that.Good Luck..


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      To qualify for an H-1, you have to show that your degree is related to the duties of the offered position. It seems that USCIS is asking how a Mechanical Engineering degree is related to the duties of a QA Engineer. You will need to explain in detail how your educational background is needed to perform the duties of your job. Without knowing what was included in the original H-1 petition it is difficult to be more specific. Your employer may want to consult with an immigration attorney as to how to respond to the RFE.


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        if i may ask what is the website called. can you pls inbox me or share?thanks