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Date of Birth printed wrong on my OPT receipt, Will it be a problem for my OPT now?

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  • Date of Birth printed wrong on my OPT receipt, Will it be a problem for my OPT now?

    I have applied for my OPT 15 days back and I got my Date of Birth printed wrong on my receipt and I called USCIS immediately and asked for the change of my date of birth and they changed it and gave me a referral ID foor the proof of change.

    Today morning I got a message saying that my date of birth has not been changed and they will be reviewed by the officer at the time of adjudication. Will it be a problem for my OPT now?

    This was posted on on May 19th 2013

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    I got my middle name wrong so .. I saw it after I got my OPT card. I called them and they sent a new card in 20 days. If its your fault they will charge you again for a new application!


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      Thanks guys.. I have called them immediately as soon as I got the receipt. They said they changed it at that time and now I got a email saying this....Shall I call them again on Monday...??


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        I had similar problem with but they fixed it once I made the call.


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          I had da same problem with my name instead of dob... I don't remember whether I wrote my name wrong in the form.. But I had provided photocopies of my passport , I 94 , visa and I 20... So I guess they cross checked my name with that on the photocopies and corrected it.. They told me on the phone that it will require 15 days to make da changes and they did it exactly on the 15th day.. I guess if u have provided the photocopies of necessary documents as proof u will be fine.. They have to correct it.. Hope this helps.. Good luck!


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            If you have not entered your dob wrongly in the form and its their mistake tell them that very clearly and they will do the change immediately. tell that i dont want my card to be delayed because of this. My friend got her name wrong in the receipt. When she called though they said it will take time they sent an email within a day telling they changed the name. Check your status in uscis site. It will tell you if they have changed