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can i apply for second masters or not ?

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  • can i apply for second masters or not ?

    Hi ,

    I am Sai Kiran i am on my intial opt of 12 months as this new rule of stem extension is uncertain . For my safety i was planning to apply for day 1 cpt
    universities . but have some few questions .

    1.Can i apply for the admission into a university for masters while i have already applied for my opt extension ? so can these two things be done in parallel.?

    2.As i have already applied for the opt extension ? do it gonna effect me as , if i apply for another masters in the new univ then a new sevis id(2nd sevis id) will be generated and as i already have a sevis number for the opt i20(first masters).

    3.If i apply for the new univ then a new sevis id (2nd sevis id) will be generated . so is this gonna effect my opt extension application ?as
    it also has a different sevis (first sevis id )number on my name ?.

    4.If i get the opt extension of another 17 months then can i cancel my admission ? or else i have to do the second masters as mandatory ?

    5.If i choose to do my second masters then can i apply for H1 on my cpt ?

    6.Can i use my first masters for applying to H1 while on cpt ? and will it be applicable to apply under masters qouta ?

    Please help me.

    I highly appreciate and thank you for all your help and support .

    Sai Kiran

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        If u get admitted to school uscis will automatically cancel your opt extension. N u need to get a higher degree, uscis will not issue opt for a second master degree.


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          are u sure on your statement.Can anyone confirm above statement is correct plz


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            Hello I would like to ask one thing I had attended 1 month of my classes in US law school and suddenly I fell sick and travel back to India it's been only 10 days now and I received a mail from US university by saying that my sevis is been terminated so do I have to go again for visa interview cause I got 5 years of F1 visa any suggestion pls


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              You do not need a visa again. You can use the same visa to travel back to the US. However, you need to pay sevis fee again, get it activated and come back to US with a new i-20.


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                Hi Can you please let us know your STEM extension end date after you get your OPT extension approved. Just to make sure If its till feb!!!


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                  1) Yes, you can. The SEVIS ID remains the same and it just get's transferred to new school. Make sure you choose your SEVIS release date wisely as that will be the last date of your OPT.

                  2) 3) You won't be eligible for OPT any more at Masters level.

                  5) Yes.


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                    1. Yes
                    2. Shouldn't be a problem
                    3. Shouldn't be a problem
                    4. You can cancel the admission unless the university has a policy that it is mandatory to continue
                    5. Yes
                    6. Yes, you are eligible to apply in masters quota if your degree fits the requirement.