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Are Infosys and TCS Visa getting rejected?

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  • Are Infosys and TCS Visa getting rejected?

    Is it true that L1 visas for employees working for Infosys and TCS are being rejected??? I am OPT now and my husband is planning to come through L1. BUt the consultancy whom I spoke today said these visas are getting rejected!! Is it true??

    This was posted on on May 17th 2013

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    Yes. That is 70% true. In US senate, there is a debate going on that Indian IT companies missuse the L1 and H1B visa by calling unskilled workers and hold the jobs and visas. Morever, Visa officers have become very strict nowadays. Let your husband tries to apple for once .If he gets reject on L1, then let your H1b first done and call him on H4. This is what my suggestion and most of people do nowadays. Good Luck to your husband to get his visa easily.


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      The L-1 visa is for someone who has worked for a company abroad in a specialized knowledge, managerial or executive capacity who is being transferred to the US to work for a branch, parent ,subsidiary, or affiliate of the company abroad in a specialized knowledge, managerial, or executive capacity. The beneficiary of the L-1 has to have worked for the company abroad in the past 3 years. The L-1 visa petition must be drafted very carefully in order to obtain an approval with USCIS. Any sponsoring consulting firm will likely have to prove that a valid employer/employee relationship exists in order to obtain an approval. It's not impossible- but it is tricky.


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        Yea Anup's advice make Sense.


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          Have things changed in the meantime or is the rejection rate the same?
          Thanks in advance for your input!
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