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Problems filling AR11 Change of Address form

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  • Problems filling AR11 Change of Address form

    Hi, I am trying to fill the form AR11 as my OPT EAD card is under processing.
    I am required to fill all the fields including the ones which are not mandatory. For instance I don't have a middle name. I don't know when will my stay expire etc. I tried to change my browser and use space but it is not working. Any suggestions would be helpful! Thank you

    This was posted on on May 16th 2013

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    As we understand, it is Mandatory to file AR11 if you are not a US Citizen, please check with an attorney listed on for free advice F1 OPT Jobs, CPT, Citizen and H1B Jobs
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      I have another question regarding this. Is it mandatory to update the address to uscis with AR11 form?


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        Guys put NA (not applicable) if you don't have middle name; you will be asked to fill "A Number" too if you don't have/know put 000000000 (nine zero's). This was suggested by USCIS while I filled my AR11 recently.


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          I am also facing the same problem.. I mailed the AR 11 to the address mentioned in the form. I'll call USCIS helpline a week later and ask if my address is updated or not.