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My company has denied my OPT extension, RFE/Pay stubs questions

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  • My company has denied my OPT extension, RFE/Pay stubs questions

    Hey DesiOPT.. Thank you for your wonderful updates. It helps us a lot.

    My current company has denied my OPT extension because they cannot provide me the E-Verify number and my OPT is expiring on 1st week of July. I did join an E-Verified consultancy and I am filing my OPT Extension next week.
    1. Do I have sufficient time to submit my documents.
    2. Can anybody suggest me any expected RFEs due to change of my employer at the last moment.
    3. Do I need to send my previous employer's pay stubs since I worked for it since 10 months or will just the New Empoyer's Offer letter will be sufficient ?

    This was posted on on May 16th 2013
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    1. Yes, you have enough time to apply for the opt extension. Usually, you will have 1-2 months grace period after the expiration to renew your opt. Check with International student services office at your school.

    2. No, you won't have any issues of changing the employer, because you will 1or 2 months paystubs with the new employer and moreover you need to update your current employer(new employer) information to student services office at your school, once you change your employer

    3. New employer's offer letter is far enough. Usually they don't ask for paystubs. If they ask you can submit your current employer paystubs 1 or 2. If they ask for previous paystubs, you can send the paystubs from the previous employer.

    I guess I answered all your questions. Please let us know if you have more questions.


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      1.Yes, you have sufficient time to submit your documents to USCIS. Your application has to be with the USCIS before the expiry date of your regular OPT.

      2. As per my knowledge, Expected RFE's may include
      a. Employment letter from your first employer
      b. Pay stubs
      c. Time sheets
      d. Weekly Status Reports/weekly job accomplishments

      Keep the above documents ready for your sake.

      3.I would suggest you to send both the employer offer letters for not to get any RFE. In the cover letter, clearly state your start date and end date with your first employer and when you started with your second employer.


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        it is definately better to submit 3 months before expiration but, they will accept your request 2 weeks before your OPT expires. goodluck