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Can my OPT be denied?

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  • Can my OPT be denied?

    Before filing for OPT, there was some problem with my SEVIS and my advisor requested for a data fix but it took more than a month and we still haven't got that data fix from USCIS. So my advisor asked me to file my OPT application without my I-20 but with a letter explaining my situation to USCIS. I filed that on March 28 and USCIS received that on March 29.

    But on April 1st, my I20 was issued and I sent that out as recommended on the same day to USCIS.

    On April 30th, I received the Request for Evidence form from USCIS (the mail was sent by USCIS on April 25th), asking me to submit the I20 that has been signed within 30 days prior to filing form I-765. And I sent out the same I20 that I sent before (the one issued on April 1st) on the same day assuming that USCIS haven't processed my second mail.

    But now, when looking closely at the request form, I'm pretty worried if this I20 meets the requirement of being signed within 30 days prior to filing my OPT. I'm still waiting for the response from USCIS but I just want to confirm with you before it's too late. Please look through my case and assist me with this. Looking forward to your early response. Thank you very much.

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    Your message will be posted as on Facebook wall- on May 14th. Please follow your post on Facebook and Forum. Thanks-DesiOPT Team