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OPT torture - A Joint venture by USCIS and USPS

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  • OPT torture - A Joint venture by USCIS and USPS

    Hi Everyone,

    I am a student on F1 visa living in San Francisco Bay Area. I have just completed Master's degree in Electrical Engineering and hope to start corporate life soon.

    I had applied for Post-Completion OPT in first week of March 2015. My application was received by USCIS on 12 March 2015 and it was successfully processed. My EAD card was despatched on 27 April 2015. I was very happy that everything was processed so quickly and I was expecting to get EAD card within 3-4 days. This was 'THE END' of good times. Everything after that is a nightmare which, I hope, no one should face in their life.

    On 30 April 2015, the villian of my life - mail delivery man (usually called as 'carrier' in US) from USPS delivered EAD card into some other mailbox. I got a mail on 30 April 2015 stating that my EAD card was delivered successfully that day in my mailbox at 3:44pm. But when I checked my mail box, it wasn't there. I raised a request in USPS website for my tracking number. I got a reply from local USPS office on 2 May 2015 saying it was delivered at mailbox and asked me to check with my leasing office in case it was not present in mailbox. I checked with my leasing office on 3 May 2015. They said such documents will not be delivered at leasing office as it would fit into mailbox. Only packages which donot fit into mailbox will be left at leasing office. I went to USPS office the next day - 4 May 2015. The representative just took my details and said he will report it to carrier who dropped the EAD card on 30 April 2015 to check in all mail boxes. But there was no reply from anyone. I went the next day on 5 May 2015 as well. He just said someone will call me today regarding status of my complain. Nothing happened on that day. I did not get a call. I went to meet the supervisor in same USPS post office on 6 May 2015. I explained him the situation. He then took personal interest and checked all mail boxes in my apartment complex. He then concluded that it is lost and USPS cannot track it. He also advised me to apply for new EAD card with USCIS.

    I went to USCIS centre in Santa Clara to meet immigration office. I was advised to apply for replacement of EAD card by officer. So I started the process and mailed all necessary documents on 8 May 2015. Meantime, on 15 May 2015, I got a letter from USCIS with my name wrongly written on it. The letter said that if I have lost EAD card, I have to apply for replacement. And also they said I would need to give biometrics at Application Support Center. I am yet to receive notice of action letter with receipt number for application of replacement of EAD card.

    My OPT start date is 8 June 2015. Will I ever get my EAD card with proper name on it? I heard that start date of OPT will not change since it is replacement of EAD card. But biometrics will add on to delay. Any pointers to expedite process would be helpful.

    Thank you for going through this content.

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      First of all ask them to mail the approval letter of previous application has the card number.and dates on it.
      Second-tell them about your wrong name printing issue..the will send you a receipt letter again ,which has that WAC number .you can work with this letter.
      I have gone through the same situation last yr.If you get job,you can show this docs to employer.


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        Now USA is seems like land of luck not land of opportunity. From student visa to H1 all depends on luck....


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          Oh, I know what could have happened.
          1. Sometimes they would deliver the letter to the address mentioned in the check that you send them and not the address that you provide. My school has seen such cases.
          2. Some people will simply discard letters and not bother returning it to the proper owner.

          I cant help but say, "Welcome to America". Not everything might be as you expected perfect, but surely you wouldnt be finding people blaming the cops and government for everything and make a genuine effort in solving it.


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            Check with your school - They might have delivered to your DSO's office.


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              I have been through the same situation. Don't worry dude. you will get it. The problem is Small envelop from USCIS and USPS people donn recognize it as priority mail. and keep it in regular mail. My first EAD card was lost like that only, And second time it was about to happened and I stopped USPS carrier guy since I knew that when it was gonna delivered. Called the USPS supervisor right away and they found my EAD from their regular bunch. I got EAD on my 87th day of unemployment. But, yes you would have to apply for it again, pay them again and call them as soon as they get your application and do Service Request. I got my EAD that way in 30 days only. Good luck..


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                Originally posted by DesiOPT-FaceBook-Fan View Post
                Now USA is seems like land of luck not land of opportunity. From student visa to H1 all depends on luck....
                in future driving license will be lottery.


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                  1 with replacement 797 u can work with that receipt up to 90 days


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                    Dude I was in the same boat.. Tried to find my card and followed up with USPS guys for long time. But I made a wise decision to apply for replacement card right after I lost one. I know I won't be getting my lost card. So spent 380$ again and this time instead of my home address, I gave my school address by doing the same like my friend did. So got the opt card in 90 days and was received by my international advisor and finally she sent me and I received safely. I have seen like 3 more guys who had this situation. Always give school address....