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Will it be a problem if I dont define RFE.Please Help!!!

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  • Will it be a problem if I dont define RFE.Please Help!!!


    I got RFE on my first OPT.Since I worked on Full Time CPT for 8 months during my Masters.Here is my situation.After being a 1year 4 months of full time academic student.I got job offer and started to work on CPT.Recently graduated in Dec2012 and applied for OPT on 1st Dec 2012.After three months I received a RFE in the month of March 2013 asking for two letters from the employer the letter is about the duration of CPT and places where I worked during CPT.The other letter is about stating that I have a job offer and proof of residence where my OPT is going to takes place.My employer gave me two letters.But the problem here is my client is in different state and my employer is in different state for that reason he mentioned work from home option in the offer letter and I sent my address proof where I was currently staying.After sending those two letters I received another RFE requesting for few more documents like what is the reason behind you staying in some other state when your employer is in different state.I don't know how to define this.I actually worked in the place where my client is.I asked couple of friends they suggested me to say that I worked in the client location and I said same thing to my employer.He is saying since you are on CPT you cannot work for a client.I am confused.I don't know whether I can say to USCIS that my end client is in my place or not.I have time till July19th to define this and also please do let me know, what if I dont define RFE, will this be a problem in future when I file any other petitions to USCIS.Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.Thanks in advance!!