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Can I prepone my OPT start date? Application still in Initial review

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  • Can I prepone my OPT start date? Application still in Initial review

    Hi everyone, I am graduating on 23rd of this month. I have taken my OPT start date as 15th of July because when I applied for OPT, I didn't know when I will get a job and thus wanted to start it as late as possible. Recently I had an interview with a reputed company and also got a call for final interview. But the problem is they are asking me to join as soon as possible after my graduation (mid of june).
    Is there any way that I can change my OPT start date? my application is still in initial review and USCIS has not taken any decision. I read in some portal on web that i can change date before USCIS gives decision.

    Has anyone went through same situation? If yes, what did you do? Any suggestions?? I dont want to loose this opportunity.

    This was posted on on May 3rd 2013

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    I dont think you can change your OPT start date but if your employer is serious and wants to hire you then they can contact USCIS and request them to expedite the adjudication process. My employer had done this for me and I received my approval within a week of my employer contacting USCIS.


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      could you please let me how the employer can contact USCIS


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        Ask for the letter that clearly states that they want you to hire by the particular date which is earlier than your expected date, of course! Then create a cover letter that states the work you are going to do and how critical it is without you on board. Then call USCIS , ask to expedite or you can go through your local congressman or best would be go through senator's office. ; in my case I went through senator's office and I received it well beyond the actual time. ATB