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    Hi All,

    I worked for an employer in a full-time position using full-time CPT from 12-MAY-2014 to 01-AUG-2014. I received my EAD/OPT Card on 04-AUG-2014 and I continued working for the same employer. I did not have any work authorization for 02-AUG-2014 and 03-AUG-2014 (which fell on a Saturday and Sunday).

    CPT - 12-MAY-2014 - 01-AUG-2014
    No Authorization - 02-AUG-2014 to 03-AUG-2014 (Sat and Sun) [B]Payroll generated from 01-AUG-2014 to 31-AUG-2014 for that month (even though I did not have authorization for 2nd and 3rd August)[/B]
    OPT - 04-AUG-2014 till Present

    I am still on my F-1 Visa.

    My employer will be filing my H-1 and according to my employer I have been employed from 12-MAY-2014. My question is did I violate any terms of my F-1 Visa? (as the days I did not have work authorization fell on a weekend ). Thank you for your time.

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        get a letter from your employer that you finshed your project on 1 aug and started again on 4 aug it should not be continous paper work with dates are important when you get RFE


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          It would have been more easier if it was a consultancy. Your HR should be able to answer your question.
          You did not violate the status so to say but you might get into probelms if they ask for your Payroll records in an RFE.
          IM me and I may be able to suggest a way to avoid it..

          I am just a HR guy and not an attorney. My suggestions are from experience and should not be considered as legal advise. Always contact an Immigration attorney for legal advise.


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            Hi ther, yes you have your work authorization till 1st of august which is right and later under immigration rules working on 3rd and 4th is illegal but if your employer letter end on 1st of august 2014 you are on the safe point . This atleast help you in getting out of it and if they found out that you worked till 3rd of august u r under violation of F1 which can lead to serious circumstances . So beware of it, having a proof is much better then facing it directly this is my friendly suggestion . And I wish you all the best .


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              Not a problem. Have a letter from your employer for CPT and OPT offer letters with the dates you mentioned.


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                Nay dont worry u did not violate ..