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Is e-Notification of OPT application acceptance of OPT ?

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  • Is e-Notification of OPT application acceptance of OPT ?

    Is e-Notification of OPT application acceptance (requested via Form G-1145) due to be notified to us when courier delivered our envelope or when they really accept&approve it after they go over our documents? I'm asking this because, when I read the Form G-1145 it's clearly when they receive our application documents. And I already got notification from UPS that it's delivered. But not from USCIS!! I'd appreciate if you can share your thoughts on this..

    This was posted on on April 29th 2013

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    I would suggest waiting for couple of days to get ur notification from USCIS as they need some time processing the information to you. I got mine 4 days later than the usps receipt.


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      It means that your package has been safely delivered to the concerned authorities. After one or two business days(or may be more depending upon the volume of applications they receive daily) you can expect to get the official notification from USCIS through e-mail that your application has been accepted ( if you sent the required documents mentioned in the form you filled (given by your concerned university) before filing for OPT). That's what happened in my case. And it's applied to everyone I believe.


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        is ur chq amount deducted from ur account??..........if yes.......u wil get reply soon


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          no, it is not deducted yet. I'll give it few more days like Hima said. Viral, how many days after did you get the USCIS email notification?


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            like 3 days after the package was delivered