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Can I work in India and US on OPT?

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  • Can I work in India and US on OPT?

    Hi-Firstly, thank you for your wonderful service. I will be graduating this May and have a job offer.

    -But, my company wants me to support in setting up operations in India. In that case i might have to travel to India. My F1 visa is valid until August 2015. But, before coming on F1 I was in United States on my J1 program.

    -Will there be any problem for me to come back to US if I travel to India after my graduation and OPT start date.

    -Will there be any problem in working for a startup company during OPT period?

    This was posted on on April 27th 2013

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    As far as my knowledge goes, you can travel on your OPT to India and back. If you have a valid offer letter/job offer from a US based company, you won't have problems entering the US. Yes, you can work in US and irrespective of what your status is, in US, you can work in India cos you are a citizen of India. Correct me if I am wrong anywhere!


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      Ha ha but that will be one hell of a tax return you will file. There are a lot of rules about being paid and working outside the us


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        You will need your OPT card. That's a card that the university issues you. It won't be a problem going out of US but it can be a problem for you to enter back into US if you don't have the OPT card. Ask your university international advisors about it, they will surely help!


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          Opt card will be issued by USCIS not by university. U can't even work without status so apply for opt then join your job


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            About recent post: going from j1 to h1 for startup is but j1 to f1 in good school...may be less risky...but he has to go for stamping for sure.....if opt not started yet.till he come is easy...