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Can we apply for pre- and post- OPT simultaneously

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  • Can we apply for pre- and post- OPT simultaneously

    Hi, DesiOPT has been very helpful and it help us get quick answers. I would like to thank the whole team. I have the below question:
    I have a summer job offer for 3 months. But my degree completion date is halfway through that period. I am planning to take pre-completion OPT for the first half and post-completion OPT for the remaining period. Its a huge pharma company and do not want to loose the offer. Please let me know can we apply for pre- and post- OPT simultaneously. Thank you!

    This was posted on on April 26th 2013

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    Take CPT apply for the OPT mention starting date as ending date of CPT


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      taking CPT would be the best option since it gets approved in 2-3 days compared to pre-OPT which takes the same time as post-OPT which is 2-3 months. If your CPT is finished then you apply for pre-OPT. You can only apply for Post-OPT 3 months prior to graduation. Also Talk to your international advisor. He may guide you best