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Curious George here !!! Please answer couple of my questions

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  • Curious George here !!! Please answer couple of my questions

    I finished my undergrad from NPU in Business. I got OPT for 1 year [Feb 18 2014 - Feb 17 2015).

    I started working as a business analyst on June 2014.

    Questions (Please answer in ascending order):

    1. Since my OPT is finishing and I want to get my H-1 this year. What are my options?

    2. My company informed me couple of days ago that they would be willing to hire me as a full time position by Feb 1st (17 days before my OPT expires), I havent told them that my OPT would expire soon.
    a) Do you think, they would have an issue in me telling them that I would renew my opt and when it expires, I will give them CPT for 40 hrs a week?

    b) In orfer to get CPT, I am taking admission in herguan university (Can you please let me know if it is accredited college)?

    c) Does filing for H-1 from OPT is better than filing for H-1 from CPT?

    d) Does getting H-1 has anything to do or has affected on because of the College I am from? Like does the college name play any part in not getting H-1?

    e) Can I continue working on OPT? without CPT? Since, I currently have a job and my opt is finishing like couple of months before the April 1st date?

    f) I read somewhere that till my opt is transferring from opt to cpt I should not work on those days? Is that true? and how would it effect me?

    g) I also read that I cannot work in the same company post opt and once I get my cpt. Is that right?

    h) Do any of you know any student who got H-1 and who went to Herguan university?

    Thank you so much in advance.

    Best regards,