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My 90 day unemployment OPT period ends in a month, still didnt find a job.No valid

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  • DesiOPT-FaceBook-Fan
    10 days rule while switching is no longer in effect. Now even a single day counts

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  • DesiOPT-FaceBook-Admin
    Thanks for explaining the options in detail. Job seekers can quickly reach employers using resume blast for options 1 and 2 you mentioned above

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  • DesiOPT-FaceBook-Fan
    I don't see how your response helps the person asking the question. Anyways there are 3 ways you can stop your opt unemployment timer. 1) join a consultancy which gives you a letter of employment. 2) Find a full time job. 3) Do VOLUNTEER work for non-profit organization which satisfies the following requirements :
    - you must work as part-time (20 hrs/wk).
    - They should neither pay you or financially benefit from your volunteer work.
    - Volunteer work should directly be related to your field. Example, if you are from computer science field then you are to be practicing your skill set learnt during your study at the university. Web, database, applications development etc. for a recognized non-profit organization. Not some excel data entry. Read more into details about it.

    By the way it is a 90 day unemployment timer during your one year of OPT and additional 30 if OPTperiod is extended. Gap of less than 10 days while switching jobs is not considered in unemployed period.

    Hope this helps.

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  • My 90 day unemployment OPT period ends in a month, still didnt find a job.No valid

    My 90 day unemployment OPT period ends in a month, still didnt find a job.No valid visa. What are the options I have to legally stay here? please help. Response:
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    This was posted on on April 21st 2013