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    I graduated in December' 14 and applied for my OPT in September. My college got a letter from uscis on 17th Dec that my opt was denied. The denial reason was that I was not in school and my sevis got cancelled in October'14 due to non attendance of school for more than 60 days after the program start date. I called the same day with my dso on the conference and my dso explained them that I was enrolled in September'14, attended all the classes, and received my masters degree in Dec'14. The officer on the line asked us to send a letter to the same address from where we got the letter and my dso wrote a letter explaining the scenario.It was delivered to them on 23rd Dec, based on the tracking info. She mentioned my sevis number on the letter, but not my opt case number and certified that I was in the university and requested them to consider my case. We called the uscis yesterday and asked them for any update on the issue and I was told that my case has been assigned to an officer and I might hear something by 14th of January.

    Will my opt be approved this time as there has been no mistake from either my side or from the university?
    Also, if they deny me again for some reason, will I be given the option to do an mtr or appeal as there would be only 30 days to do either from the date of denial and that expires on 14th of January.
    Should I opt to get enrolled in any other school to maintain my status as I have a certain grace period after my masters, if the opt gets denied?

    Please help !!

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      Your message was posted as anonymous on Facebook wall- (Jan 14th)


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        Don't enroll in school yet till u don't get an update from uscis.. If u enroll ur opt if approved would be cancelled on the basis of Sevis transfer to the new school


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          I hope it gets approved, but if it gets denied or I don't get a reply within next few days, will I be given the option to do an appeal or do an MTR even though the 30 day period to do so has ended today? What could be options then to win this case as I have some time for the 60 day grace period to end.


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            Also can I get a list of colleges which would give cpt from day one?


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              Dnt worry, as the DSO explained in the letter and clarified the misunderstanding u should get ur OPT. Good Luck


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                if nothing wrong from your and univ then you will get it I have seen these type of cases