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Made mistake in OPT Application

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  • Made mistake in OPT Application

    I have recently applied for OPT ...i have a doubt that i didn't check the box that says "Applied for Employment authorization". I got the e-mail that says acceptance confirmation and still waiting for receipt. what can i do in this case?..Do i have to wait for the receipt (notice of action).? and if i get the receipt that means i didn't make any mistake ? please help me....even if they rejected when and how will they inform me or when will they send my packet ?....please help

    This was posted on on April 20th 2013

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    they wont process anything untill it is corrected... call them and say that you didnt received receipt so they will say you the reason and then process works.


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      receipt is for the money u paid. it will have the tracking number using which u can track the progress. if it says card/document production(which usually takes atleast a month after getting receipt) means there is no problem. if not i believe they will mail you regarding any further information they need from you