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    Hello Desiopt
    I appreciate your group for the kind of service you have been doing , which is a great help to all the people over here

    My question is
    I applied OPT STEM, 2 months back , my documents reached USCIS (received date : Nov 6,2014) to Phoenix,AZ center but I received my I797 on December 3rd (almost a month after submitting application and the notice date on I797 is Nov 28th 2014. And by seeing I797 form I understood that my application has been routed to Nebraska center. My questions are
    1. If USCIS started reviewing my application will that be from Nov 6 or Nov28th? I need to know this as I’m planning to expedite my application.
    2. I need to travel India in first week of February for 10days , is it safe to travel india with pending application (my initial opt expires on jan 19, 2015). Any other way to travel india with this kind of situation?
    3. When is it good time to ask for expedite process? I read we can only expedite our application after 75days submission.
    4. Anyone has idea on how long Nebraska center will take to process STEM applications?
    5. What would be the strong reason I can tell USCIS ,so that they accept my expedite request?

    Please give your valuable suggestions and thank you in advance.
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