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What if I apply for OPT and don't Graduate?

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  • What if I apply for OPT and don't Graduate?

    I am planning to graduate May 2013. And I am giving interviews for Full-time. But I have a doubt. What if I apply for OPT and I don't graduate, can I still work as a full-time with working on my project at the same time?

    This was posted on on march 25th 2013
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    You can apply opt and work, but one has to finish graduation before opt extension...


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      If you got your OPT card before graduation you need to convert that into pre-completion OPT and can work, but you have to graduate before your STEM extension.


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        You will be in a real mess if you do that! How can you work full time when you have not yet graduated?!(Meaning, unless you have graduated, you have not got the degree, so then how will a company recruit you?)..If you do not graduate but OPT application is successful and your EAD card arrives, then you may have to either cancel the OPT and reapply again before your "next graduation" losing again 380 dollars in the process.Else, you can work in a company as you wanted to, but only for 20 hours EXACTLY, not more not less (bcuz this work that you do, is considered a full time under your OPT rules and also as part time under your F1 rules as you have not yet graduated from school. So if you are applying for OPT, be extremely sure that you are graduating. If you have applied for OPT, then make sure you graduate by hook or by crook! Good Luck!!


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          The school will not allow to apply until a certain date towards graduation


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            if you apply for OPT and dont gradcute you have to cancel your OPT and apply again after graducation