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Question Regarding Change of Desi Consultancy during OPT

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  • Question Regarding Change of Desi Consultancy during OPT

    Dear Forum Contributors,

    Please review my case below and help me.

    1) My OPT started on Aug 20 2014.
    2) I joined a Desi consultancy on Aug 20 2014.
    3) Till now i did not get a job through them because of not being marketed well.
    4) Now i am planning to leave them and join a new consultancy in the month of Jan 2015.
    5) But the old Desi consultancy is not ready to let me go. They want me to stay with them, but i am not totally interested.
    6) I have not signed any bond with them, but i received an offer letter through them (Offer dated Aug 20 2014) and submitted the same to my international office at the university, to be updated on to my SEVIS ( I did this in order to save my self from the 90 Days unemployment).
    7) But anyways i am planning to leave this Consultancy.

    My Concerns:

    1) Will the desi consultancy company create any problem in the future?
    2) If i get a RFE(During OPT extn application applied through second consultancy), will the offer letter from the first consultancy good enough?, do i need any other supporting documents from the first consultancy?(In straight, what are all the documents i need from the first consultancy to be on the safe side)
    3) Any other related issues regarding this case please explain.

    Thank you,

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      Your message was posted as anonymous on Facebook wall- (Dec 23rd)


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        1) they cannot make any problem 2) you can join in another company 3) noissues i had the same and changed no rfe 's


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          1) sevis records can always be updated again to accommodate your new employer . They cannot create any problems if your on opt still
          2)you need an offer letter from the second consultancy and they must be e verified . You do not need anything from first consultancy as they are not your employers anymore . Be sure to update sevis when you quit your first job


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            what i suggest is get the job and move to the new employer now a days market is bit slow because of year end so first get the job and submit the documents in the univ after getting the job


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              1. No, until and unless you piss them off
              2. Yes. Offer letter should be good enough.
              3. Get your SEVIS updated by your school as soon as you join the new employer.


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                1 generally they wont create any issues or they wont help after u leave them
                2 better to take a employment proof .( a letter saying that u currently working there ) .
                offer letter does not give any proof that u worked there .( ask them that u need it for u r drivers license or some other lie)
                3 dont piss them off or dont argue .. If u want to exit just do safe exit and ignore u r old employer ..