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OPT denial - SEVIS issue

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  • OPT denial - SEVIS issue


    I graduated this december and applied for my OPT in the month of September' 2014. I was notified by my DSO yesterday that my OPT was denied, she received the letter from USCIS day before yesterday. When I checked the reason on the letter sent by USCIS, it was mentioned that SEVIS was cancelled in October because of non attendance for more than 60 days after the program start date and hence OPT was denied. When I contacted my university, I was shown that my SEVIS is ACTIVE and I was registered in the month of September for FALL 2014 course and there has been no changes done after that. We called the helpline of USCIS and explained the situation to the officer and he asked us to provide the back up proof for it. The university couriered the SEVIS evidence that I'm active and also a letter explaining my situation.

    will i get my opt card or do i have to apply for opt again? What could be the possible outcome for my case?
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      Your message was posted as anonymous on Facebook wall- (Dec 22nd)


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        1. I believe there is no need to apply again. Make sure everything is fine with your SEVIS.
        2. If your SEVIS is active and if you could prove it, then you will get the OPT card. All the best.


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          how long do you guys think they would take to process the request, considering it to be holiday season and applied opt date to be in second week of Jan' 15?


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            I'd believe that they would change the decision to APPROVED after processing the proof that your SEVIS is active. This case was just unfortunate. Good luck & hope for the best.


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              I think you can get OPT as your Sevis is active !!


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                Looks like there was an error and they will rectify it and resend you your opt card... good luck


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                  Same issue happened to my friend , but in his case they sent rfe after he replied to uscis same way you did, he got approved.