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Impact of OPT employment history on OPT Extension

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  • Impact of OPT employment history on OPT Extension

    I have OPT and want to apply for extension.I have changed 3 employers before is this going to be problem.
    My 1st employer didn't pay anything
    2nd paid
    3rd didn't paid anything
    Is this going to be problem. Let me know.

    This was posted on on April 18th 2013

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    I don't think that would be a problem. Good luck


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      only thing that matters is your current everified company


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        Yes current employer should be E-Verified, There will be no problem. And also I want to suggest not to apply at California Service Center they are really slow in processing your application. Good Luck.!!!!


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          Kiran Did you applied to CA USCIS ..? i have been waiting Since 4 months it really annoying me


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            We are posting a message from a reader who wanted to share his/her views anonymously:

            If your first pay check issued after 3 months of initial opt start date there are chances of query in your case, me and my friends got employment history RFE as we had pay checks after 3 months of opt start date. Though it us not required to be paid job in opt these days USCIS asking for extra paper work for each thing, my best suggestion is to get a letter from each of your employer with start and end date of your employment and its better if you can get it notarized. I don't want to scare you but its the best safe way before you get in to RFE.
            If you have problem with your previous employers since i had issue with my previous employer with personal experience, get notarized reference letter from previous employer colleagues, thats what my attorney suggested. Good luck! Wish you dont fall in to this RFE thing, its a big headache. If you get RFE go with attorney.