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Employer change during OPT old employer issue

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  • Employer change during OPT old employer issue

    Appreciate you if you can suggest me further on the below issue.

    I am on OPT extension and changed my employer a month back. Now my old employer sent a lawyer notice to me saying that as per the agreement undersigned, I am not supposed to continue the job with the new employer and if so, they will suit a file against me.

    Please guide me what will be the consequences if I ignore the notices sent by the employer.

    Are these agreements valid as per US law? Can any employer hold the employees and threaten like this?

    Please help me with your valuable suggestions.

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      Your message was posted as anonymous on Facebook wall- (Dec 16th)


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        If your client & middle vender is ok with you explain everything to them

        Submit a resignation and rejoin thru your new employer with a new agreement

        It will work


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          Those agreements generally valid .. But both parties afraid to go to court as they can ruin reputation ..
          If u pissed them too much then they might take action ..


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            What is the lawsuit ? Is it a non competence ?


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              It is a non competence agreement.


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                Though old employer didnt pay salary still this agreement valid? can I go for labor complaint in case they file a suit?


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                  don't think so, give more picture here ... Like are you consulting, if so are you with the same client but changed vendor, if that so then sure they can file law suit if mentioned in agreement.

                  If you joined the same client then also they can file the suit.

                  But if your current employer and old employer are not related anywhere then nobody can touch you until mentioned in some agreement.


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                    Take compete laws seriously unless you work in California.