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  • Traffic Ticket

    I didn't notice the emergency vehicle coming and I make a left turn. I got a ticket for the same and the ticket asks me to pay actual fine, court fee and criminal surcharge.

    1. Charging me criminal surcharge fee means will I have a criminal record and not just a traffic ticket?

    2. How bad is getting a ticket for not leaving way for emergency vehicle?

    Also When I made a left I immediately stopped on seeing the emergency vehicle. The emergency vehicle didn't move and I thought it wanted to take left and I was blocking its way and started moving. But the vehicle came behind me and that's when I got a ticked. Can I just pay the fine or if I go to court and explain this are there any chances of ticket getting dismissed?

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      Your message was posted as anonymous on Facebook wall- (Dec 14th)


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        The best thing I would do is to call the court clerk and ask any question I have.
        Then you can post this question in where you get free attorney suggestions.


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          thats something serious , hire a lawyer and try to remove them from your background , 1) yes , it is crime in USA , and it is not just a traffic ticket , 2) very bad , could be arrested 3) must pay the fine , its up to you if you want to remove them from your background


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            Check your county's public court records. It will mention if your charge is criminal or not. If you pay the fine you plead guilty. Before you do that hire a traffic attorney and ask them to handle your case. They are capable of reducing charges which should help you. In any case traffic citations are not criminal but this sounds serious because you blocked the emergency vehicle's way.