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  • Stem. Extension process

    Hello everyone,
    I have a question regarding my stem extension application.. I have applied for my opt ext on October 9th 2014.. It's already been 60days that I have applied and still see the status as initial review...

    My questions are :
    1) I have seen some of them posting that the stem extension has been denied.. Can I know what would be main reason behind denial of opt ext..
    2) as I have applied for my extension, can I travel to India before I get my extension is approved as my first opt is expiring on jan31st 2015.
    3) can I also know when would be best time to contact uscis to expedite the process..
    4) how many days can we work legally if the post opt is expired and stem extension is under initial review...

    It would be really appreciated if you can answer to my questions... That would be really helpful for me... Thanks In advance..

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      Your message was posted as anonymous on Facebook wall- (Dec 10th)


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        1 many reasons .
        2 yes
        3 after 90 days
        4 180 days from date of post opt expiry


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          1. Different for each individual ! the most common one I heard is exceeding 90 days unemployment !
          2. you can


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            1. There are many reasons
            2. Not Recommended
            3. 90 days after USCIS received your application
            4. 180 days

            I say Not Recommended for India travel because I was in the same situation. I applied for OPT Extension and USCIS received my application on Oct 10th. And I do not see any update on my status too! I wanted to travel to India before it gets approved. But my university and others suggested me not to travel. As one steps out of USA their I94 gets changed and it gets reflected in the system. And if background check was being done during that period there are chances of the application being cancelled. So even I had to cancel my ticket. Better to be safe :|


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              1. There might be multiple reasons for denial (more appropriate to say RFE) of OPT. But the usual ones are: You are on unpaid internship or some program and its not been reported correctly. Your employment start date and your pay stubs don't match.

              2. Yes! Since you have a valid entry into the US, you can easily visit and be back to US before january 31st. Keep in mind, most of the times, they don't really check your OPT status. They check your passport/Visa and send you Inn.

              3. USCIS lately has been rejecting all the expedition process as it has become too common with people. The only reason I can think of for your STEM to be delayed is because you have enough time left with your first 12 month OPT. I applied on October 1st and it reached USCIS by 7th October but my OPT was expiring on the 23rd of October. So they expedited and I received my STEM approval on November 20th. Roughly 50 days...

              4. You can work upto 6 months from January 31st legally and this is your grace period. I'm sure a decision will definitely be made within January 31st.


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                Not true with extension .. If it cos yes it could impact travel ..


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                  But better to be here as u can speed up process in case of any rfe or any other mail issues .