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e-verified but no hiring paperwork

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  • e-verified but no hiring paperwork

    First of all thank you so much for all your help and support to international students. I have a couple of urgent questions if you could please answer or post it on your page for readers. I was about to cross 90 days unemployment limit so I started volunteering at a company. The company gave me an employment letter and e-verified my status but did not do any hiring paper work since the position was not paid. My DSO updated this in SEVIS system. My question is
    1) Is the employment valid if no other hiring paperwork (except e-verify) is done.
    2) Will this impact my OPT extension
    3) For extension purposes, the employer is ready to give me an updated employment letter mentioning it’s a paid position without actually running the payroll in background. How does USCIS or SEVIS find out if I did not get paid?
    4)Can I apply for OPT extension based on the letter and e-verify without the hiring paper work.
    5) If hiring process is necessary what are the steps or documentations necessary for completing hiring process. Our company is small with no experience with international students at all. Thanks

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      how many hours do u have to volunteer to stay on status


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        1 technically it is valid ..
        2 if u get rfe as long as u have proof that u did intern over there u are fine
        3 extension is about future means what u going to do from start date of extension .. Till then u will be on post opt stage


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          Nope ,
          if you are willing to work in that company which is e verified u can get your extension and coming to your payroll if the uscis questions about your previous employment history that reflects on your paycheck so it's not a good option to stay with out getting paid ,


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            It is valid as long as the company is e-verified but take all other documents ( internship letter or letter which states that you are working as volunteer , timesheets ) which will be useful if you get an RFE for Stem OPT !