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OPT issue because i failed Comprehensive exam

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  • OPT issue because i failed Comprehensive exam

    Hey ppl,
    I have applied for graduation and applied opt from dec 15th 2014- dec 14th 2015 but unfortunately I failed my comps exam and couldn't graduate this semester. So I need to retake my comps exam in 2015 April by the time my opt card will be active and comes as pre-opt. So can I work on pre opt and when I checked it with uscis website it says we can only work 20hrs a week on pre-opt and for 2months of pre-opt there will be a deduction of 1month in post opt. Please help me with this issue.

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      Your message was posted as anonymous on Facebook wall- (Nov 23rd)


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        this happend in ITU to most of the stdents and they have withdrwan the application


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          Instead you can withdraw the opt and can work on CPT


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            I was in the same situation last year. Just cancel ur opt. Ull just loose $380 for ur application but ull earn lots of mental peace and u can skip the headache of finding a job in opt without completing ur masters and it's not considered as pre opt its a post opt and u have to find a job in 90 days. Only apply after u pass ur comprehensive exam.


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              From my understanding, once you have ur OPT approved u can start working as a regular candidate. By April you will take ur comp and clear it.

              Only complication is before u apply for stem extension u need to have degree in your hand. So, this April is your only shot.

              Please check with International education from your university.


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                You can with draw your application and again apply in April !!