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EAD Arrives after Start Date?Do i lose days from 90 unemployment Days? 9 month OPT?

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  • EAD Arrives after Start Date?Do i lose days from 90 unemployment Days? 9 month OPT?


    Here is the Scenario: VERY VERY IMPORTANT issue I am searching answer for But none of the places this has been mentioned or addressed.

    [B][I]Surendra doesn’t have a job offer or time to search for one until after he finishes school. [/I][/B]
    He chooses the latest date possible to start his OPT--[B]July 17[/B] --- which is the 60th day after his completion on May 18.
    He knows that he will be legal to stay in the U.S. as long as he has submitted the OPT application on time.
    [LIST][*][B]Start Date = July 17 and Completion Date = May 18[/B][*]He finally mails his OPT application on May 1. [*]On July 17, Surendra still hasn’t received his EAD, so he can’t work. [*]Surendra receives his EAD on August 1 and it expires the following year on July 16. [/LIST]
    [B]Surendra has lost 13 days of his 12 month OPT because his application was approved after the latest available OPT start date.[/B]

    [B]My Question: [/B]
    [B][COLOR="#FF0000"]Did he lose the 13 days out of 90 days unemployment (90-13 = 77 days left) ?
    He lost it from the remaining OPT of 9 months (9 months - 13 days) and his 90 days unemployment would start only when he receives EAD?[/COLOR] [/B]

    [B]I do not see anywhere anyone mentioning that the days are lost from the 90 days of unemployment[/B].

    References: Why this Question here are references:
    Above scenario taken from this link.

    [B][COLOR="#FF0000"]Please help me address these questions in order for me to figure out my next move.[/COLOR][/B]

    Thank You.
    I appreciate your help.

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        1. No 2. No 3. Yes


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          I got 1 month after my EAD start date, however I didnt lose unemployment days since they gave the start date whenevr they mailed me the card


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            uscis does not keep track abt when u received your the opt card so 90 -13it clearly states you can apply before (120 or 90 not sure) and after 90 days raise a ticket and the daily in issuing the ead card is due to back ground verifications of a candidate how many transfer i20 how many visas etc .we cannot fight with uscis on these issues


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              Start date will the date approved or date requested which ever is later .. So dont worry ..


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                2 it is 12 months not 9 .. end date date can not be after 14 months of completion date ..