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  • Parents Visitor/Dependent Visa

    Hi DesiOPT. I follow all threads regularly, all are so knowledgable.
    My question is bit off the topic but it is really very important for me.
    I have a question regarding parents Visa. We have two options for parent's Visa:
    1: My husband can sponsor Visa to them. But the issue is that my husband has H1 visa good till 2016 but his "stamping" on passport is till September' 2014. In that case if parents go to consulate will it be a problem as according to records mu husband's stamping has got expired.

    2: I started studying on H4 visa and now I have converted to F1 visa. I am expecting my graduation in December. If I want to invite my parents in convocation ceremony (that way I am sponsoring their visa) so again I haven't done my F1 stamping yet. And according to records my H4 stamping was good till September' 2014.

    Will both the cases would create trouble or any of them option is good for our parents visa.
    All your help and response will really be appreciated.

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    Your message was posted as anonymous on Facebook wall- (Oct 22nd)


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      1 nay all u r doubt's are irrelevant ..
      Thumb rule For visitor visa is
      Why u want to vist usa
      Why u should come back to u r
      home country
      All others are supplemental ..
      In u r case purpose is to visit u r grad .
      To visit some body needs spend for tickets and accommodation and other expenses go back they should show a valid tie ups with their country of living ( like job )


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        Your stamping or your spouse stamping doesn't effect your parents visiting visa !! If your husband I-797A approved then he can sponsor the visa irrelevant to H1B stamping .As long as they show the proper documentation regarding their visit to US , they can get stamping !!


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          i am rooplal guguloth from hyderabad how can i get h1 visa what kind of paper need to apply