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  • F-1 visa interview

    Any one had a visa interview while doing OPT? I am going in a few days.

    I'm not sure how to prove non immigrant intent, I really have no interest in living or working in the US for a long time. But I think they need documentation?

    My documents include:

    Latest I 20, passport and EAD card
    SEVIS fee payment, MRV receipt number, DS 160 confirmation page
    Latest time sheets - 3 months
    Employment verification letter from employer (agency) - mentioning name of client location and address
    Official transcript in sealed envelope
    Recent bank statement - 3 months
    Employment letter from all employers on OPT
    All OPT W2s including on campus job W2
    2 Photos
    Bachelor's degree photocopy and photocopies of high school, +2
    SSN Card
    Driver License

    Any thing else I need to take?

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      Your message was posted as anonymous on Facebook wall- (Oct 6th)


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        If you don't have any interest then y r u going for interview? Go back to india and enjoy!


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          I dont think you presenting the question correctly. If your visa is expired and you are planning to attend the interview there are fare chances that they will ask for few more details


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            Easy !!!! Just don't go for the interview !!!


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              If possible make up a company with fake documents and tell them you opened it recently and you are heading to US to get training for a little while before you come back and take care of it or whatever.. Its just luck.. All the best..


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                Dont worry, u ll be fine. Just be urself n say u ve got to take care of parents or family business, or u have been offered a better offer at ur cousins work place. Good luck!!


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                  Very simple tell them about your plans why you will go back to India viz, you have your spouse or job offer or family and how will this practical training be helpful while achieving your goals IN INDIA or OUTSIDE USA like Canada or australia


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                    I think i was not clear and apologies. I'm going for F1 visa and currently on stem opt. I have taken the documents as above in my post.
                    In addition to my documents the aspect that the visa officer looks for is immigration intent. I seriously have no intent. But not sure how to prove this in terms of documents or responses.


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                      Can you please explain what kind of questions you mean here?


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                        Hi All

                        I'm the OP here.
                        Thanks for all your help. My F1 was approves. I'm on STEM OPT and went to Canada.