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Regarding MBA in IT vs MS in computer science

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  • Regarding MBA in IT vs MS in computer science

    First of all many thanks to DesiOPT admin and all of you who posts questions and replies to the posts.

    I have questions regarding MBA in IT

    1. I have experience in IT for 7 years. I am right now on H4 visa. I am planning to join a masters degree program.(I have bachelorate in CS). Could you please please share your experience/ give me pros and corns for MS vs MBA in IT?
    2. Do they get OPT for 12+17 months?
    3. Do MBA students get benefit of masters degree quota in H1b lottery?


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      Your message was posted as anonymous on Facebook wall- (Oct 2nd)


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        1- Your choice of interest, about what u want to pursue. (Mba / MS)
        2- MBA has one year of OPT, it doesn't come under STEM i.e additional- 17months of OPT wont be available. MS comes under STEM.
        3- MBA or MS u will be considered for masters quota for H1 , provided u graduate from a non-profit n accredited institution.
        Good luck


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          I can give advise on immigration perspective ..
          1 as mba only get 12 months opt it would be difficult to get h1.. but i am hopping for h4 ead .. It may become law by next summer .
          2 mba 12 months only
          2 no and could be problem if u work as IT professional like developer ..