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Help !!! OPT extension got denied.

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  • Help !!! OPT extension got denied.

    Totally panic when I saw this status online this afternoon.

    I submitted the application this June, but I made a big mistake that I didn't ask the new I-20 from the university (one of my colleague said he used the old one last year and got approved, so I mailed the materials out without requesting new I-20~~~~ Regret a lot now.)

    My current situation is:

    1. I haven't received the letter from USCIS yet, so I don't exactly know the reason for this denial.

    2. My OPT is already expired, from Sep 1st.

    3. I requested a new I-20 in August. The date on this I-20 is August 26, and its effective period is one month. The letter from USCIS will arrive this week or next week, by that time the I-20 will expire.

    Can't contact the International student office until Monday, don't know what to do now......

    Does this mean I can't work in the company from now on?

    Can I resubmit my materials to USCIS?

    Please help!!!!

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      Your message was posted as anonymous on Facebook wall- (Sept 21th)


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        wait and see what's their in that letter....if you can't do anything regarding rejection then join any university and maintain status or leave the country


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          Nothing u can do now ..better not to trust others reliable source ..


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            Based on the Deniel reason , you can file MTR ( motion to reopen) with all the necessary documents !


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              Ping me. I may be of some help


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                You can reopen the case . Not to worry but make it before 60 days


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                  Hey buddy, This is something your international student services must have provided you (new i20) I dont understand how they even filed your opt extension without it. Anyway, as for now, you need to STOP working immediately after you get the letter, make sure you inform your employer so they are aware and can work with you to resolve this, else you would run the risk of illegal employment. You cannot re apply now (you can only re apply if ur opt hadn't yet expired). Your letter will specify whether you can file an appeal or file an MTR (Motion To Reopen) In that case I would suggest you try and find a good lawyer (this may help and file the MTR as soon as possible. If this is a missing document issue then you should get a favorable decision. But, honestly I doubt if that is the case, because you would have received an RFE to submit your latest i20, anyway you should wait for the letter to find the exact reason. Also, any decision you take, need to be done before the 60 days of grace period ends.. (in your case around Nov 1st) .. Wish you luck !!!