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OPT exceeding the normal processing time of 90 days

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  • OPT exceeding the normal processing time of 90 days


    I had applied for my OPT STEM extension on June 3rd at the Vermont Service Center. Its been under Initial Review ever since. The last update I have on the USCIS website as of August 20 states that "The Alien Registration number was changed relating to the I-765 APPLICATION FOR EMPLOYMENT AUTHORIZATION." I have been calling USCIS and trying to follow up but they keep saying that I should wait or more 90 days and I should potentially hear some decision by then.

    I did read the related threads here, which mentioned that the OPT cards in similar situations were moved to Card Processing and mailed out to them shortly after this status change. My concern being that there has been no further movement or status updates on my card. Could you please help me understand the delay? or if anybody else faced a similar situation?

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      Your message was posted as anonymous on Facebook wall- (Sept 16th)


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        They take time..After 90 days raise a Service Request to expedite the process ..Even after that , they will ask you to wait another 30 days...


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          hai bro.i want some information about that plz help me


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            Same here. I applied on June 18th and waiting since then, the status was changed on September 1st and and no updates since then. I don't know why they are taking so much time.


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              It's unfortunate but we have to wait until they respond ! Ask your DSO how to expedite the process and try to expedite the process !


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                Raise a service request to expedite your process it works.


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                  USCIS(vermont) received my application on May 27th. Its still in initial review stage. I've tried expediting thrice and I was rejected thrice. Also, I went for infopass yesterday and the officer there was such a useless fellow. He says he can't expedite or issue an interim EAD number becaue "he is a very small officer". Its been 115 days now and no update. Nobody gives any information.

                  This is getting out of hands. I think I'm going to have to schedule a meeting with a local congressman.


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                    I applied on june9 and still in initial review...


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                      dont worry, one of my friend had similar situation, he eventually got his card.


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                        Applied on 20th June. Status is still "Initial Review".

                        Expedite request rejected once. Have raised online service request, no response yet.