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Not Graduated and got RFE for OPT

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  • Not Graduated and got RFE for OPT

    I was supposed to graduate in Summer 2014. So, i applied for my OPT . BUT i was not eligible to graduate in summer semester because i failed in 1 course . So, i had to retake one course in fall 2014 to be eligible to graduate. I enrolled in 1 course for Fall 2014.

    Now i have 2 major questions..

    1) Is it OK to enroll in only 1 course and maintain my F1 status..? Will i be on F1 status now or am i going to out of status Are there any alternatives for this scenario..?

    2) I applied for my OPT in June and USCIS online status shows as RFE (Request for Evidence that to submit my photos again). What should i do with the RFE..? How can i respond to the RFE...? Is there a way we can postpone my OPT to December (after fall sem)...? Or can we cancel the OPT now..? if its gets cancelled/rejected am i eligible to reapply for new OPT again..??

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    Part of your question will be posted on Facebook as anonymous. Please refer forum posts for similar experiences from readers.


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      You should be ok with 1 course under F1 since its the only requirement you have left for your MS.


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        For F1 status it is okay. That should not be a problem. Try and find out from your International Student Adviser , how many hours you can work during the semester. All the best.


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          You can not cancel your OPT at this pount, if you cancel your not eligible for reapply on this level of degree.provide the photos and get your opt card. You can only work part time 20 hours a week as you need to finish your cource, you have a option to take class online.


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            Since u r opt is not approved u can cancel it .. But talk to u r dso before u take any action ..


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              Talk to your international advisor..they will have standard answers to all those questions...they see lot of cases like this