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OPT EXTENSION: What I need to know

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  • OPT EXTENSION: What I need to know

    Hello, I am a STEM student and I already graduated with my degree (March 31, 2014). I am doing post completion OPT for one year and it started May this year. However, am planning to apply for an extension. I want to be on top of things so I was wondering,

    1- Are there any special circumstances to make me eligible or ineligible for OPT extension?

    2- What do I need to apply for the extension? (fees, documents, deadlines etc I should know about before hand)

    3- I tried looking up jobs/internships On the website but it seems almost every job is in IT. Is there something in art and design? I may be doing something wrong, any pointers?

    4- I understand OPT has to be in a field related to your studies, can I use my card to work in a field not related to my studies if am being paid cash under the table?

    5- The USCIS No. on my card, does that work as my social or what?

    6- I had been issued a temporary social by the school during my study, is this of any use to me right now?

    thank you.

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      Part of your question will be posted on DesiOPT Facebook wall as Anonymous.


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        Your message was posted as anonymous on Facebook wall- (Sept 4th)


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          If you don't know these things and cannot find them on the internet, then the best thing for you to do is to get lost.


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            1) As long as you are working the same field that you graduated in you are goo to roll.... Make sure you save all the paper work 2) Talk to you DSO first thing would be find a employer in 90 day period 3) NO as you ask in 4th question already have a SSN that it that is your SSN and no need to worry about it... Good Luck


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              1 check opt ext requirements ..
              2 hmm google it
              3 It is not ssn .. It is more like u r drivers license number ..
              4 it is useless ..


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                You're super dumb. I am surprised how people as dumb as you enter the US & graduate too.