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  • Work from home option

    I am currently on OPT and working in state X. I want to move to state Y but my company doesn't have an office there. So I want to work from home.
    1. Is it legal to work from home on OPT?
    2. Is there a time limit on the number of months/years I can work from home?
    3. Do I need to give any explanation to USCIS for choosing this option and changing my address?
    4. In a few weeks I need to apply for STEM extension. Is it still legal to work from home on STEM?
    5. How about this option on H1B visa?
    6. Will there be any complications while applying for STEM or H1B visa with this option?
    7. Will there be any issues getting H1B stamping done in the future?

    Please let me know! Thanks a lot.

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      Your message was posted as anonymous on Facebook wall- (Sep1st)


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        1 Yes for opt,stem,h1 .. ( for h1 u need to show valid employer employee relationship exists )


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          1. Yes
          2. No
          3. No (Your employer will take care if there is a query regarding this)
          4. Yes
          5. Yes, you can apply for H1B even if you are working virtually
          6. No
          7. No