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If H1 gets rejected and OPT Stem Ext is under intial review

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  • If H1 gets rejected and OPT Stem Ext is under intial review


    I applied for H1 and got RFE on May 30. My opt expired on June25th and i applied for Stem Ext on June1st and it is under intial review.I also recevied a cap-gap I20 from my school stating that my opt got extended till September30. My employer responded for the RFE and waiting for the decesion. Now my questions are

    1. What status will i be in if my H1 gets rejected?
    2. Will H1 rejection have a effect on my Stem Ext process?
    3. If my H1 gets rejected can i continue to work if my Stem Ext is under intial review?
    4. As i received cap-gap I20 will this effect anything?


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        1. F1
        2. No
        3. Yes
        4. No


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          1 f1
          2 if the reason is not criminal or illegal activity it wont effect .
          3 yes up to 180 days from u opt expiry ..
          4 nope


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            1) I dont think it will but just incase it rejected your old status comes into play so you are going to be on F1 2) NO it will not have any impact... 3) Consult with your school since you are on F1 with them