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Change of address after appying for OPT STEM extension

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  • Change of address after appying for OPT STEM extension

    HI ,

    My case for OPT Stem extension was started on july 1 and is still in initial review. I have recently moved to another state so i have changed my postal address on USCIS website. I got a confirmation email after I submitted required information online. Will there be any problem with my application as i changed my address while my application is still pending. Do i get any mail to my old address to notify me of my updated address ? Please let me know. Has anyone changed their address online?How do i get to know if they have updated my new address.

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        Don't worry. Address change is a very normal process. It does not affect your application process. I have personally changes my address while my appln was pending and after it was approved i received the card on my new address. The email confirmation you received is enough to make sure your address is updated. They will not send any documents on your old address. Just relax and good luck.


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          1. Not a problem, will not get any mail to your old address, 3.I did change my address but Uscis gave me a hard time by not updating their systems promptly 4. I am guessing you must have filled the AR-11 form for change of address online for you I-765 since that is your pending application not just the generic update one makes to Uscis in case of address change ,Make sure that your address is updated by calling the customer service , it should not hurt to call them twice and confirm , also ask the rep to send an email confirmation on the address change , do update the USPS with your new address , this is very important when they want to post your card or any important doc pertaining to your case to your current address, be proactive and constantly track your status and updates from USCIS , they have a very poor process of updating their systems accurately that reflect changes if any occur to a case , so watch out and act timely , ATB