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Less than 1 year on F1-Am I eligible for OPT?

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  • Less than 1 year on F1-Am I eligible for OPT?

    I converted my status from H4 to F1. I got enrolled as a full time student in August 2012 and I got my F1 approval in the month of February 2013. I am going to get graduated in October.Will I be eligible to apply for OPT in October? Or do I have to take a quarter break and wait until February(3 months) to apply for OPT. I am posting this question because I heard that to be eligible for OPT we have to be on F1 for 1 full academic year. I am from XXX university Richmond. Please help

    This was posted on on April 10th 2013

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    U need to complete atleast one academic year as a student to apply for OPT , i would recommend you to apply for OPT after ine full year as a student ...if u apply for OPT before that ur OPT may be denied.


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      Every university has different set of rules for being eligible for OPT application. you might have to check with the office of international affairs from your university for the rules that apply to you. e.g for our university they say that you need to be on F1 at the time of application(1 year period on F1 is not compulsory)


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        i guess its 9 months ..........


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          Insted of opt u can apply for CPT. While studying u can do work if u take CPT. Most of the university gv CPT after completing one semister. If u have enrolled subject in that semister university will usually allows to work 20 hr per week and some will gv u cn ask to university admin weather u can get CPt for 40 hrs. It's better always apply for opt after completing ur academic courses.


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            Check with offce of int students of ur university. Evry univ has diff rules. I also changed my status from h4 to f1. For me rule was 2 consecutive sem+ f1 status at the time if filing OPT. In some univ it is 1 sem/ quarter + f1 status at the time of filing. I think you will be good. Talk to your Oiss head and do all formalities well on time to avoid hassle .


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              Thank you guys for suggestions