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Impact of full Time Pre-OPT on OPT STEM Extension

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  • Impact of full Time Pre-OPT on OPT STEM Extension

    Can you please answer my question related to stem-OPT.I am eligible to take fulltime preOPT . I am planning to join consultantancy who is ready to give me a job on OPT for one year. My question is whether it will affect my chances for approval of stem extension of 17 months if i complete my one year OPT before my graduation.

    This was posted on on April 9th 2013

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    Yes I am guessing by pre-OPT you mean the CPT right ? If the company said they will hire you in OPT, means after your graduation. Before graduation it counts as CPT , which if you complete 365 days then it will void your OPT. So technically you can work for 360 days and then also do your OPT and then stem extension. Am sure about this. You can also double check with an advisor.


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      Thanks abdul rahim for ur answer. I had the same question. So, is it okay to go with a consultancy for CPT? cuz generally people go only upon completion i.e. after graduating.