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Getting married to US Citizen on OPT

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  • Getting married to US Citizen on OPT

    Hi All,

    Thanks to everyone contributing to the DesiOPT community and DesiOPT staff for setting up a platform to ask queries and grievances.

    My OPT Extension is valid till July 2015, with a valid visa. H1 did not get selected this year, I'm planning to apply in April 2015.

    I'm getting married to a US Citizen in the month of January/February 2015. They are willing to have it in India. My concerns are:

    1. If I get married to a US Citizen outside the country, do I need to file my relationship with her in India to change my status or can I come back and file later? I'm worried I might get stuck in India for the duration of change.
    2. If filed for Green Card, what would be the estimated time to change my status?
    3. What if I got married in US? I wouldn't have to travel outside.

    Open to suggestions and advice. I dont want to stay back in India for along time as my workplace wouldn't give a long leave.


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      Your message was posted as anonymous on Facebook wall- (Aug 16th)


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        If married in US:
        You can immediately apply for GC and you will get WORK Auth and TRAVEL Auth in 2 to 3 months and GC in 7 to 10 months in best cases..
        If married in India:
        Come here on F1 and apply if you can but its better to get married in US as they consider that more legally paced..


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          Life is all good with you you have a legal stay in us till now so no worries for all that good stuff. I think it will never be a problem if you marry in india or us but marrying in us will help you in applying change of status will reduce your efforts and it will not take long to get you you GC ( hope is has a good record for taxes) talk to a lawyer and that is the best way to make a final call .... good luck


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            1 u can do both . if u do it in india u can get k3 visa over there
            2 3-9 months (i130+i485). U can get ead after u filing for i485 ..
            3 in u r case it would be any difference .. U dont need k1 as u have valid f1 visa till july 2015 ..


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              Are you the same guy who got her American citizen girl friend pregnant a few days back?


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                s time is big concern u better to get all required documentation to file 130 and 485 .. consult an attorney ..they wil give u check list


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                  Simple. Get married in US, apply for gc. Then get real married in india.