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Employer asking for reduction in salary for h1

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  • Employer asking for reduction in salary for h1

    Hello All,
    I am working for one of the biggest organization in US for past two years as a contractor. This year I need to file H1 , in upcoming April. My employer told me that because he will be filing for my H1, up till next October my salary will be reduced to almost half of what I am getting right now. Is it normal? I am obviously not happy and I did try to negotiate, however they were not convinced. I am surprised because this is a big company and even though there are no other H1 holders in my group there are many in IT department of same group. Is it normal? has this ever happened to any of you?

    Thanks and regards

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      Which big company??


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        This should not be the case. remember an LCA application has to be filed with the Department of Labor and for H1B you should be earning a minimum wage for the state you are employed in. If it is below the minimum wage, it is highly likely that your application may get rejected. Even if you agree to get your salary reduced,be sure you are well above the minimum pat grade.

        Another reason for an RFE can possibly be a reasoning for pay reduction after filing your H1B.


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          Just ask them to give what they are saying, in writing. You'll see.


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            If you are working as a contractor yes they may reduce your salary... because there are many categories under which they can file your H1B. and the min. wages is different for every category. for e.g the average median reported by Department of Labor for Civil Engineering is $57000 that includes civil engineers working in petroleum industry.. But in case of civil engineer working in on buildings is different and much lower. So the employer may file your visa under different category. That has just happened with one of my freind and his visa is under process..Make sure which category your employer is selecting


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              You are a contractor, what if tomorrow your contract is over. Then your employer will at least pay you salary based on minimum wage that was field under your LCA and H1B application. Filing your Visa at minimum doesn't mean you will not be paid more.


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                Not at all , it is surely abnormal , which "BIG" company is that , kinda unbelievable