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Applying for H1B through various ways!

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  • Applying for H1B through various ways!

    Hello All,

    I am not sure if this is true or anybody here has done it.

    2014 so far hasn't been fruitful for many of those who had applied for H1B due to the fact that number of applications exceeded the availability with USCIS.

    I will be applying for H1B through my company next year and have tons of doubts. I am doing my homework to see if there are ways to increase the chances of getting the H1B picked (knowing the fact that is a lottery system).

    Few came up to me and told this:

    Your company will apply for H1B in April 2015 as usual. Since the chances of my application being picked depends vastly on my luck, why don't I contact another consulting firm and apply through them as well bearing the cost. This way, the chance increases.


    1. Is this possible?
    2. Will it work?
    3. USCIS will not detect the duplicate application copy?
    4. Has anybody done this?

    The purpose of this question is to understand whether it is correct to do or NOT.

    Any information/guidance regarding this will be appreciated.


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      Your message was posted as anonymous on Facebook wall- (July 26th)


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        1 technically yes
        2 for most yes
        3 definition of duplicate is different ( if same employer apply more than 1 for same person then it is duplicate )
        4 a lot


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          After one application got selected you can withdraw other applications


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            If applications withdrawn after lottery, that won't be given to a person who dint get selected. Multiple H1 are simple reason for this huge number of applications


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              It is because of this reason why H1 is a lottery process now. If only everyone could be honest and apply for one application each, there would be enough visas for everyone. Applying for two and both getting selected only dimishes the chance for someone else who has only one turn left to get a visa. Things would be easier and fair if these consultancies werent allowed to apply for visas who are not with them. Screwed up system.


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                why don't you contact 65000 cheap consultancy firms and send 65000 application?


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                  It is for A**holes like you the system is exploited


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                    Hello, I urge you to please not do this. it is technically possible but very unethical. You need to realize that you can technically apply from 65000 consultancies but if 100 of those get selected in the lottery. you are ultimately getting just 1 visa while the rest 99 are wasted. 99 other deserving people who could have received a visa. I speak from personal experience since I had lost out on the lottery and had to come back to India last year. Please do not do this. Be fair and hope everyone gets through this time. All the best !!


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                      People even dare to post such things and ask questions.. wow !!!